Saturday, August 16, 2008

"No Place Like Home.....",said Dorothy

Well, it has been awhile since my last post. And I am here to say I'm back. We've been a little busy this summer. We recently have arrived home from a 3 week vacation in Michigan. The kids had a great time with the grandparents, and I , well I was on a working vacation. Yes, a working vacation.
I arrived at my mother's after a long drive straight thru of 13 hours. I took a couple restful days off before digging in and helping her with her Bed and Breakfast. There was lots to do, scrubbing, painting, vacuuming, bed changing, mowing, weedwacking, pulling lots of weeds (yuk!), power washing the houses, and yes, even becoming a lumberjack. I had my first chance to cut down and remove some trees with a chain saw. Quite the experience..... It was work from sun up to sun down! I achieved the farmers tan, because at times I thought I was on a farm. I haven't done that much yard work in a while.
She has a huge yard and it is hard to keep up. Not to mention she can never find help to help her out. Young men these days are so lazy they never work out. Hopefully my help will help her maintain until the Spring. I think I also lit a fire under her, because she now sees so much more potential in her yard. If only there were more hours in the day, she might be able to keep up....but with a full time job and several committees to chair she has no time for anything. Only 4 more months until retirement, right Mom???
Since we've been home all it does is rain, rain, rain....That is why it looks so-o-o-o green! I'll post yard pictures soon!

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