Monday, June 8, 2009

Teacher's end of the year gift.....

Well, it is that time of year again, at least for us in the Northeast . And I need to get together some teacher's gifts. There are so many wonderful women who are in my children's life, who really care about them. I am currently working on a few crafty items, that I will be posting soon. . I thought I would share this great one that you can do with a clipboard from the Dollar Tree.

I got the idea from that cute online craft market . They have some great ideas, a lot of creative people just doing their thing. I have been tempted to put things on there, we will soon see.... Projects like these make me want to get back into scrapbooking more often. These are so easy if you have scrapbooking supplies around. I picked the clip boards up at the Dollar store, and had everything else on hand. Just cut out paper and apply "Mod Podge" to both the clipboard and the back of the paper when applying. After affixing everything cover with 3 coats of the "MP", to seal. They make great gifts for teachers, coaches, GS leaders, friends, etc.

Aren't they the Cutest!

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the fan said...

So, you're the gal who suggested "Sprinkles" huh?? 'Sweet', as Loopy would say!
What a nice assortment of recipes you have - I'll be back to try some of them! xoxo the fan