Saturday, June 28, 2008

The New Adam Sandler Movie....

Along our trail in the Napa Valley, we came across the set of the new "Adam Sandler" movie, Bedtime Stories. The set was blocked off, but we were able to sneak on because we were in a limo. So we must have looked important, right?

The movie is produced in calibration with Happy Madison and Walt Disney. They were shooting scenes as we were there in the front of the Castle, so it was all 'quite on the set'. I was able to talk to some of the crew members, of which most were from the Boston area. They said we could hang out if we wanted, but we chose to continue on our wine tasting adventure. It was pretty neat to have had the chance to hang out. I love Adam Sandler and Keri Russell, his co-star. I hear their just like regular folk. Maybe next time..... Look for the movie to come out around Christmas time to a theatre near you!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wine Country...Napa Valley

On my recent visit to California, I was fortunate enough to visit the Wine Country. Boy, it was as beautiful as they say. The harvest isn't until October, so this was just the beginnings of what would come. My friends were gracious host, and had rented a limousine for the day, to go from vineyard to vineyard. You can not just go from one to another drinking free wine. There are now fees for the tastings, which I guess up until a few years ago were free to the public. The tastings ranged from $15 to $20 each for 5 or 6 different flavors.
This first photo here of the New England style house, is of Sutter Home Vineyards, a well known one. Unfortunately, it was closed that day. And the next pictures are of a lovely private vineyard of V.Satuui. You can only buy their product at the vineyard or by mail order. It is definitely worth it if you are a wine drinker to join the club. Club membership gives you discounts, and wine of the month is delivered right to your door every month.

They had the best tasting wine of all the vineyards that day. If I only lived closer, I would frequent it more often. My friends are club members, so we were treated well in the club room in the basement of the castle like building. Club members can taste anything and as much as they want for free, and the wine keeper pays much better attention to you privately, plus an added feature is what ever you buy to take home is 20% off. You can check them out at for a video tour. They also have a large deli and cheese store, so that you can put together your own lunch when you buy your wine. And there are places to sit everywhere. I cannot say enough good things about it they are so friendly and welcoming. It was so lovely to spend that time with my closest friends. I would love to go out for the smashing of the grapes in October. Still thinking it over.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Painted Ladies.......

I love Victorian Houses painted in 3 to 4 colors, so I couldn't wait to get to that section of San Francisco last week. I have always wanted to view the infamous "Painted Ladies". They are actually the row housing you see in the opening credits of "Full House", a 80's show that launched the careers of some famous twins. These houses are so beautiful, I was in love...

I was hoping I could get off the tour bus and gaze a little longer, but with time restraints, we had to keep plugging along. The tour was great! I enjoyed every minute, we were even able to go back and forth over the Golden Gate Bridge, with the wind whipping us up on the top deck. It is definitely worth the extra funds to go on those trips. You learn so much about the history of the buildings and areas surrounding the city.

These houses were so inspiring. Some remind me of cake decorating, with their scalloped edging. Simply marvelous! Something not to miss when visiting the' City by the Bay.'