Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kind of liking this gardening thing....

I think I'm liking this gardening thing I have going now. We began with a clean slate. This particular section of our backyard was our garage, which we tore down and now we are laying a patio. A 16 x 16 spot with 2x2 blocks, and of course it is a first time for us, so it is taking a little longer than the normal landscape company. But, the nice thing is it is thousands of dollars less. Most of what we have used is off of Craigslist, railroad ties, patio pavers, hostas, and other periennals. Gotta love that Craigslist !!
Being that I haven't really garden as much before, I am researching and buying plants for this area. Of course because it is slightly shady there are a lot of hosta. Then there are periennals and annuals for shade mixed in. I am loving Coleus, the different colors that it comes in amazes me. And today I planted some taller flowers in back that will bloom later in the summer, daisies and coneflowers. Can't wait for that to bloom. I have cut myself off from purchasing anymore. I need to wait and see if they can survive the soil, it was so rocky. I did mix in a lot of compost, hoping it will work out. I have never had a green thumb, so this summer will be a wait and see.
After we lay the patio I plan on staining it, so I will be posting that when I do it. All and all I think this will be a wonderful backyard. Before the addition we never spent any time in the backyard at all. Now with the garage gone it seems even bigger.

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