Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Communion Gift Idea....Or any other Occasion!

Great Gift Ideas.....

Over the weekend we attended a First Communion. I wasn't sure what to give as a gift to the girl who has everything. I knew she would be getting alot of jewerly, and money seems too impersonal. So taking a cue from Bakerella's Blogspot, I went further with her idea, http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2008/01/dont-lick-bite.html. She is so creative,( a girl after my own heart). And boy was she lucky to be featured on Martha Stewart for cupcake week.
So I followed her directions for the Cake Pops, then I added an extra feature of dark chocolate lines on top, and wrapped them in candy bags. Then stuck them in styrofoam in a metal beach bucket, along with two gerber daisies. On top of the daisy I added a chocolate butterfly, also from her site, and some frilly bows, and it looked so-o-o- cute :) I already have orders. Maybe this is my new home business, HA!HA! So give it a try they are so de-lish. Taste like a moist brownie inside.

3 Others Say::

Bakerella said...

Great job! Love the gift.

Unknown said...

Cute gift. How many lollipops fit in the pail? How much do you charge? Please email me at djrsweet@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

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