Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Remember When......

I came across this great commercial for those little baking ovens. Do you remember them? They baked the items only with the use of a light bulb. I had the best time with my friends baking in these. My friend actually had an easy bake oven which was similar. They came with little mixes, and we would make cakes with frosting and cookies. And then sit down and have a party. It was a load of fun. :)

I myself have about 30 of the earlier models of these, which were made in the 30's , 40's and 50's. That I have collected over the years and were displyed in our bakery. Their in storage right now in our new house. They too also plugged in. Hard to believe they didn't think it was a safety hazzard when the top of the stove got as hot as it did. I also have the small untensils, pots, pans, tea kettles, and drip coffee pots, that went with them.

They were at times called the "Salesman Special", Stoves, fridges, and sinks the salesman would take to homes to show the housewife what it would look like in her kitchen. They are very hard to find now, but you can sometimes find them on Ebay. They are made of aluminum or tin, not plastic like in the video above. I hope to one day get them out again and display them. My aunt bought me my first one and then it sky rocketed from that. I have every color they ever made in those decades. Along with some fridges, sinks, and clothes washers.

They are simply delightful....

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suburbangrandma said...

My daughter had one of these as well.
It was fun, but it did need parent's supervision, because the oven did get pretty hot.