Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feel like I'm back in school....

Well, the weekend has been crazy! I did my mystery shop, and have 3 more to go this week. This CC guy was a talker, but I did get some good info on Fios. With the cost per month I don't see us getting it soon. I'll just stick with the rabbit ears for now, 9 channels and holding....LOL. My oldest daughter has a Spanish video assignment due tomorrow, nothing like waiting til the last minute. I bought a Mini DV recorder on Ebay, and it showed up Saturday afternoon. So we spent Saturday with run throughs, hoping the edit program would work on the computer. And then all of Sunday, shooting and editing. Now I can't seem to get it to burn on a CD, it is driving me nuts. So I edited it and sent it back to the MDV camera, then hooked it up to the VCR and recorded on to the ancient VCR tape. She is just hoping they have a VCR in school to play it on.

This episode reminds me of the song "Video killed the Radio Star", but now it is "DVD Killed the VCR Star". This assignment was one I might have gotten my senior year of High School, and that is a big maybe, and now my DD has it in the 7th grade.(yikes) And without our help and the convenience of the computer she would be lost. Not to mention, I had to round up all the gadgets and ingredients. I should file a grievance with the school, but I feel like I might be the only parent doing so. I know that when I was teaching , if I had I given an assignment like this, the parents would have been picketing my classroom. Times have changed..."It takes a Village to Raise a Child" or should I parents and a thick wallet.LOL:)
Check out this video that took me all night to figure out how to upload. I am truly not a computer geek, but I think the video was great for a first timer! First go to Playlist to turn off music.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Hallway Nightmare Revisited...

Upon moving into this older home, I removed all the wallpaper, which seemed to be like an endless task. This particular hallway between the foyer and the dining room had prepasted wallpaper, plus the addition of wall paper paste. So needless to say it was a b---h to get off. And after that I scrubbed it to make sure all the paste was off. I then Kilz it before painting on the mellow yellow color. As time went on the past 2 years, I would notice these stains coming through and would attempt to paint over them as needed. Well, finally I was getting fed up with this. So, I Kilz it twice, and then painted again. And yes, still the stains came through. I have had enough of this and have decided with a short amount of time and money I could sponge over this and all of the stains and imperfection of an older home would be covered up.

With less then $7 spent at the craft store for paint and sponges, I was on my way. I would try to fit it in before all the kids came home from school, as not to interrupt this artist at work...LOL. I had mixed up 4 colors with just a little water: darker yellow, mushroom color, original yellow, and original plus darker. Now it would take about four trips around to accomplish this task.

This first picture, is what I started out with.

This it what the walls looked like with the first go around of the darker yellow. Now I know,, to you, it may look like , "What was she thinking?". Bu,t as I continue to layer on the next three colors it will take shape.


This is what the finished process looks like. A little like the Venetian look.

This is a hallway without light, so the pictures are not that great.

I'm thinking about hanging some cool pictures on the wall, but they would probably get knocked down, so maybe I won't!

All and all it took about 3 hours, because I also decided to repaint the trim. We always seem to get nicks everywhere from the toys and rough housing that goes on with the boys. So until tomorrow, which is Saturday. I have a mystery shop to do at Circuit City, I'll let you know the low down then.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My First Blog.....

fork and spoon from HomeGoods

Well, I thought I would give this blogging thing a try. Everyone is always asking for my secrets of homemaking. So why not start blogging about it. On January 1st, I sold my business and became a SAHM for my 4, most of the time, wonderful children.(LOL:) It has taken some time to get used to staying at home and not running off to a job that took 50+ hours or more a week.

I have enjoyed finishing the remodeling of my house, and the addition that was added on. As the contractor, I have taken great pride in coming in on a low cost budget. Alot of the items in the remodel came off the Internet. My two favorite sites, EBAY and . If you're willing to travel and pick up , Craigslist is a great resource. We were able to get all of our windows and doors off of Craigslist. And two other local decor retailers that I favor are, HomeGoods and ChristmasTreeShop. With a revolving inventory, I have found if you don't 'buy it when you see it ', it will be gone the next day! As I blog, I will tell you about my great finds and treasures. So stay tuned....